How to Use Fitness Challenges to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

How to Use Fitness Challenges to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

Even the best-laid plans can falter.

Weight-loss plateaus happen to virtually everyone who is trying to lose weight. At some point, you may well find that your own progress has stalled, even if you’re continuing to exercise and eat well. Such plateaus are extremely common and are no cause for despair.

All it takes to get your body over the hurdle is the right push. It’s not just about physiology, but also psychology. You may be experiencing a plateau because you have simply run out of the motivation required to reach your fitness goals.

This is also a very common experience and nothing to be ashamed of. Again, all you need is a jolt to get you going again. One of the best ways to jumpstart your fitness journey is with a fitness workout challenge.

A challenge with a strict time limit and structure, such as a 30-day challenge, is the ideal way to get things going again. Here are the very best fitness challenges to help you overcome your weight loss plateau.

30-Day Full Body Fitness Challenges

If you really need to feel the burn, then you need a full body custom workout plan to reignite every muscle in your body.

There are many effective ways to do this, but the most popular ones involve you dedicated each day of the week to a different body part, with one day off for rest.

So Monday would be your lower body day, Tuesday your upper body, Wednesday your cross-fit, and so on.

30-Day Cleanse Challenges

One sure-fire way to get your weight loss back on track is with a 30-day cleanse. There are countless ones to choose from, from paid programs like The Clean Program and ones you can easily do yourself, such as the Master Cleanse.

If you’re on a high-protein diet or are bulking up, certain types of cleanses are best avoided until you can gradually adjust your diet. Alternatively, there are a number of high-protein cleanses which will whip you into shape.

30-Day Ab Challenges

Sometimes the most effective workout challenges are those with a visible and tangible goal at the end. Telling yourself you want to get shredded within a month is a powerful visual motivator that will jump-start your weight loss journey in a heartbeat.

There are several highly-recommended ab challenges you can undertake without having to spend a single penny. Try the 30-day ab challenge app to start with, so you can game-if your weight loss and push yourself to the finish line.

30-Day Squat Challenges

This one is especially popular with the ladies, for good reason. Workout routines that make you look and feel good in a rapidly short period of time are few and far between.

The simplicity and ease of most squat challenges are a key part of their appeal and a great way to build up your motivation again.

Start off with just a few squats and keep building until you’re doing hundreds a day by the end on the month.

Learn More

It takes more than fitness challenges to reach the finish line and achieve the body of your dreams. You need support, expertise, and discipline to ensure your body is the very best it can be.

If you want the support and information you need to reach the top, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re here to get you on track – your success is our mission.

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