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The Body Transformation Challenge (BTC) is a 9-week competition designed to dramatically accelerate your body composition changes.

Both the program and your personal coach will help you adjust to an amazingly simple health and fitness-based lifestyle, that will allow you to attain and keep the dream body you’ve always wanted.

Then, just for developing healthy habits and achieving your goals you’ll have the chance to win our cash competition prizes and gain serious recognition.

The competition is simple. On your start date you’ll submit before pictures of yourself online and at the end of 9 weeks you’ll submit your after pictures.

The judges will compare the results people in your category attained on the program all over the world, and then award based on achievement.

The best part is that; with your training and nutrition plans, coaches, guidance and online support group, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed!

You’ll never be left to go it alone. You’ll have your support groups and a personal coach with you every step of the way.

Your results, as others have experienced, can be phenomenal.

To maximize your transformation, we strongly advise 20-30 minutes of self-development each day.

Here you can pick your favorite methods. Whether they are books, audios or videos, positively aligning your mindset with the goal is the foundation for success in anything you wish to achieve in life, including your transformation.

Whether it’s weight loss, muscle building or getting that ultimate summer beach body, your positive mental attitude will be the key to your success.

The pre-registration window is typically 2-3 weeks prior to a challenge starting. All participants begin the same day that’s announced as the start date and is featured on the countdown timer on our site.

You’ll have 9 weeks (63 days) from that start date to complete your challenge. All participants must show a newspaper in all pictures to verify starting and ending dates.

For the $30 entry fee for the challenge, no.   This is to protect the Integrity of the contest if someone decides after a rough start to withdraw.  

On the Herbalife Nutrition program, Yes, absolutely. There is an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on your products through the independent distributor you purchased them from.


You’ll get the best results of your life as your coach stays in constant, focused contact with you. This ensures premier accountability, guidance and support throughout your entire journey.

The motivation factor he or she will provide, will become an indispensable component of your success.



We award up to $599 (to avoid 1099’s, we do not pay any individual over $600). The cash pool is entirely dependent on the number of entries as the cash prizes are generated from the entry fees.

To start your challenge, you simply take your before pictures showing/holding the newspaper of the day which time stamps your images for validation.

As you begin your training and nutritional program, we encourage you reach out to your personal coach for accountability, motivation, questions and advice.

Join your online support group and begin making friends within it as you receive their invaluable support 24/7 throughout your entire journey.

Once you’ve completed your 9 weeks you’ll take your after photos in the same manner showing/holding the newspaper of the day in each photo to once again date stamp and validate them.

Submit your photos online which completes your entry to win huge bragging rights, loads of recognition and CASH!

Winners are chosen from a panel of experienced judges based on how far they have transformed within the 9-week period.   The only category judged on final appearance only is the Physique category.

Winners will be announced within 1 week of the final close out date through video, and will receive their payment through PayPal within 2 weeks of the final date.

This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only (eventually we will open up worldwide!)

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You will submit your information through the online portal that you’ll be given access to after registration.

Here is a link to the registration page: Click Here!

Yes! Take your initial photo holding the daily newspaper with from your start date.

For your after photos you can hold the newspaper. Or, you may find it easier to pose with the newspaper hanging from or leaning up against the wall behind you. Just be sure it’s clearly visible in each picture.

Your photos will be used to help judge the category you’ve entered into. The judges will compare your before and after pictures with the other contestants and the best overall transformations will win.


PERFECT! Many of our coaches are as well!

We will provide you with the customized meal plans and product recommendations needed to succeed according to your goals and interests

Workout and food logs are not ‘required’. HOWEVER; it’s a VERY good idea to create and send them to your coach on a weekly basis.

Your coach can be far more effective helping you to make adjustments when they can see a journal of exactly what you’ve been doing.


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